Hope for Haiti Children's Center

In 2013 less than 50% of the total population of Haiti had the ability to read and write. In a nation with such a startling low literacy rate the opportunity for an education is priceless.

When Danita Estrella Watts began the Hope for Haiti Children’s Center, she had a vision to raise up young Haitian leaders, to one day go out and make a difference within their country, through biblical teachings and academic training.

As Danita and her staff began caring for the children in the orphanage, she soon noticed village children lining the gate to watch as her children were fed, clothed and educated, longing for the same opportunity. Danita knew she couldn’t take hundreds upon hundreds of children into her home, but she could start a school.

The school began with 50 children, and today hundreds of children are receiving education from grades pre-K through 12th, taught by Haitian teachers.

Our school gives children the priceless gift of knowledge and equips them to be the leaders of tomorrow.