List of Needs

We are often asked for a list of specific needs to continue the work we do in Haiti.

We can't continue our rescue effort or provide ongoing care to the children without your generous support. But with your help, financially and in other important ways, we can bring love, hope, healing and care to the neediest children in Haiti.

For more information, please contact us at If you would like to meet one of our specific needs (below), please make a note in the comment section of our Give Today page, or Contact Us to learn more about our current needs.

Current Needs

Sponsor a New Orphan Care Home: To provide adequate and safe housing for our children, each of these homes need furniture, appliances and a generator. In addition, towels, washcloths, household supplies, etc. will all be needed. You can support all, or part of an orphan care home. Sponsor a new orphan care home by donating to the Food, Clothing and Shelter Fund.

Purchase and Support Inverters and Solar Panels: Generators are the best way to provide power for our compound and homes. We need several new generators to keep our current buildings running and to provide power for our new projects such as the Medical Clinic and Hospital of Hope. Please note on your donation that you would like your support to be used to purchase generators and/or fuel to run them.

Food: There has been a food crisis in Haiti for a long time, and since the earthquake, the need for food and nutrition is even greater. We have recently added many new children to our family as well as many new workers to help provide their care, increasing our need for food.

Water: The water in Haiti is generally not very clean and is not safe to drink. As a result, water borne illnesses are responsible for killing many children and adults in Haiti . Your contribution to the Food, Clothing and Shelter Fund will help bring food and clean water to the hungriest children and will also help us provide food to families in our community in Haiti.

Medical Supplies: Our Medical Center will require a constant provision of medical equipment and supplies. We will also be in need of furnishings and bedding for the new clinic. This is a very extensive list. For more information about the medical center and supplies needed, please contact us. To support the medical and healthcare for children in Haiti, donate to the Medical Fund.

Missionary Doctors and Nurses: We are forming medical and dental mission teams for future mission trips. If you would like to participate in a medical missions team to Haiti, please contact us for details.

Computers, Internet and Technology: To prepare our children for a better future, technology is an important aspect of their education. New computers and up-to-date educational and business applications and equipment, especially in French, are greatly needed.

Musical Instruments: Music is an important part of the Haitian culture and every child's education. Quality musical band instruments and supplies for a music department of all kinds are greatly needed.

Construction Materials: We have a great need for good construction tools and materials for our building projects. For a specific list of needs and ways to help with this, please contact us.

Furniture: We are in need of furnishings for our missionaries' homes, orphanages, offices and school in Haiti. Your financial gift will help us purchase these items in the Dominican Republic.

Uniforms: We purchase large amounts of fabric and hire local seamstresses and tailors to make our uniforms and clothing for many of the children. Your gift will help us provide for this. To help purchase uniforms donate to the Food, Clothing and Shelter Fund.

Library/Media Center: We are hoping to build, staff and supply a library and media center at the Hope for Haiti Children's Center. This library will provide recreational reading, research materials and educational books for the school and possibly the community. Our goal is to provide these resources and media in English, Creole and French. To support education of children in Haiti, donate to the Education Fund.

New Shoes: Our children are always in need of new shoes. Because of the terrain, dirt roads and trash that the children must walk through constantly, we must purchase new shoes for the children nearly every two months. We also love being able to provide much needed shoes to the other children in our community. Your gift helps put shoes on their feet!

Creole Bibles: The Haitian people love God's Word and we love to give them new Bibles. Your gift helps us to purchase Creole and French Bibles to give them. To purchase Bibles or bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the children and people of Haiti, donate to the Evangelism Fund.

Staffing: One of our biggest needs in Haiti is more permanent missionaries and staff qualified to serve in haiti. If you or someone you know would like to be considered for a position on our staff, please contact us.

If you would like to meet one or more of the above listed needs through your contribution, please note it in the comment box of your donation page and we will see that your gift goes directly to meeting that specific need.

If you have a Gifts in Kind contribution of goods or services you would like to donate, please contact us through our contact page and let us know in the comment box. Someone from our office will contact you right away.